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Quality that you can trust

We are small family owned company, located in Southen California.  Our goal is to have the best products, and customer service that goes above & beyond, what you would expect from a company this size!


"As I was hoping the cutting boards are thin but not flexible - they're actually quite sturdy so I expect they will hold up well over time. For cleaning I pop them right in the dishwasher and they come out spotless and sanitized.

The ceramic knife "bonus" is great too - incredibly sharp so I'm very glad it has a sheath.

All in all a great product - if you're looking for new colorful cutting boards that will hold up to regular use and not take up a ton of space you can end your search. These are a great value!" ~H.Sharma
"I'm really liking these cutting boards. As the only vegetarian in the house, I like knowing the green board is only used for veggies, and I can hand wash it if the dishwasher is full, while I make sure all the others go in the dishwasher. I do use the free knife, though I'd only rate it as so-so for cutting. But the boards I'm happy to give 5 stars.​" ~Zella


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